Yamato-class Super Training Ship, Musashi
Length: 263.0 m/Total Width: 38.9 m/Standard Displacement: 65,000 t/Speed: 27.5 Knots
Yokosuka Girls’ Marine High School nautical training ship.
Top-class in size, firepower, and defensive capability.
Captain: Moeka China
East Maizuru High School Ship, I-201
Length: 79 m/Total Width: 5.8 m/Standard Displacement: 1,070 t/Underwater Speed: 20 Knots
East Maizuru Boys’ Marine High School training submarine.
Fast submarine that travels up to 20 knots underwater, equipped with four 53-cm torpedo tubes, two 25-mm single-mounted machine guns, and ten torpedoes.
Deutschland-class Training Ship, Admiral Spee
Length: 186 m/Total Width: 21.6 m/Standard Displacement: 12,100 t/Speed: 28.5 Knots
Germany’s Wilhelmshaven High School small training ship. Displacement equivalent to that of a cruiser training ship, equipped with 28-cm cannons. Possesses great cruising capacity due to its diesel engine. Because of that, the ship is highly valued as a long-distance military training vessel in Germany.
Kagerou-class Destroyer, Harekaze
Length: 118.5 m/Total Width: 10.8 m/Standard Displacement: 2,033 t/Speed: 37 Knots
Yokosuka Girls’ Marine High School nautical training ship. Outfitted with test equipment, faster than other ships in the same class, but unstable. Captain: Akeno Misaki